Jun 12, 2015
‘U Got’ It With jackLNDN’s SIVIK Remix
SIVIK - U Got (jackLNDN Remix)

jackLNDN (pictured) validates his remix proficiency with an impeccable house cut that transforms SIVIK’s R&B ballad U Got into dancefloor gold.

Los Angeles singer-songwriter SIVIK crept onto the scene seemingly overnight with the release of his single High, but he’s been hard at work behind-the-scenes crafting pop songs for American Idol’s Adam Lambert. Having already received a stripped-back remix from XXYYXX, SIVIK now sees his honey-sweet vocals taken in a different direction by jackLNDN. The UK producer keeps the flare and romance of the original in place but craftily pitches down SIVIK’s voice to play alongside a vibrant bassline and elevated chord progressions. It’s reminiscent of his earlier remixes made for Le Youth and James Hersey, both of which feature powerful lead vocals that he updates with his own modernized style.

It’s not yet clear when the remix will be available for official download, but you can head to jackLNDN’s SoundCloud to hear more tunes here.

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