May 06, 2015
TWRK’s ‘We Are TWRK’ EP Is Your Summer Soundtrack
TWRK - Dump It (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
TWRK - Make It Bounce (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]

DJ Benzi and DJ Esentrik’s pairing as TWRK has consistently involved creating ear-worming, twerk-styled tracks that have gained favor both in clubs and at festivals worldwide. On their just-released Mad Decent EP We Are TWRK, this trend continues. In four tracks, the duo retains their trademark style while also expanding their well-regarded pop and rap-friendly sound.

Spring Break and Helicopter are the previously released tracks here. The former features Jersey-based rapper Dougie F of DJ Fire’s Jersey club crossover hit Back Up On It and California party rap/EDM trio The Rej3ctz rapping about cavorting with female college students on their favorite yearly mid-semester excursion. With warped, guitar-style synths resonating against a thumping bassline, the overall production is cleanly mixed and well-executed. Helicopter carries much of the same froclicking feel, but bears more of a Major Lazer-meets-DJ Mustard tropical/twerk sound.

Make It Bounce is a collaboration with Canadian producer Lambo and has a vibe similar to Diplo’s Express Yourself. The track combines the booty-grooving party flow of a New Orleans-based rapper (insert Fly Boy Keno for the now-deceased Nicky Da B) and impressively maintaining the swing of bounce within the bombast of big-room kicks, claps, and synths. It’s likely as impressive of a listen in the club as it is over headphones for a deeper critique.

However, the EP’s best overall production is the deep house, future bass, and twerk-combining track Dump It. Dump what you ask? Well, the vocal sample on the track advises that in trying to “dump it,” “don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it on your first try.” We’ll leave the rest to the imagination. Sounding similar to what would happen if you locked Duke Dumont, Lido, and Mannie Fresh in a studio for a weekend, it packs a thrilling and melodic thump.

We Are TWRK is available via Beatport here.

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