Apr 30, 2011
Two Young Turks from London
SBTRKT feat Sampha - Living Like I Do (Original Mix) [Young Turks]
SBTRKT feat Sampha - Look at Stars (Machinedrum Remix) [Young Turks]

After 2010’s Step In Shadows and Soundboy Shift, SBTRKT is back on Young Turks with a third bruisin’ stepper in collaboration with usual suspect Sampha. The success of their Break Off/Evening Glow EP last June set the bar pretty high for the two Londoners but rest assured, Living Like I Do does not disappoint.

The A-side is a breakneck collision between rude 2-step swagger and Sampha’s anxious vocals that keep gaining intensity throughout. Simmering bass and crackling percussion are offset by splashed chords while an undercurrent of swelling strings create an atmosphere of elegant aggression, something Sampha capitalizes on to make this albeit short track bona fide dancefloor gold.

The flip sees Brooklyn-ite Machinedrum aka hot minimal dub prospect Sepalcure stretch and tease SBTRKT and Sampha’s Look At Stars into a spacey, enveloping dubstep skin. Synth stabs and swirling arpeggios abound as Sampha’s voice floats ghostlike in and out of the mix, with just enough punch in the drums to maintain status as a big hitter.

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