Jul 19, 2010
Two Greats Collaborate
Above & Beyond vs Kyau & Albert - Anphonic (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Above & Beyond vs Kyau & Albert - Anphonic (Arty Remix) [Anjunabeats]

A while back someone told me they think that Above & Beyond is too commercialized and I’ve been thinking about that ever since. My main problem is that whether or not it’s true (really depends on your definition), “commercialized” usually carries negative connotations. That’s really the crux of the matter here, since I believe that Above & Beyond has not let anyone down anytime recently. They certainly haven’t let me down. Their podcast has a high level of consistent quality, their productions are excellent, and their EDC set was extremely good. Not sure what else you can judge them on. And here’s some more great news: their new release in collaboration with with Kyau & Albert, Anphonic, is no exception.

Anphonic is one of the most anticipated tracks on recently released Anjunabeats Vol. 8. From the start, it immediately gets me right into the prog-trance mood that I know and love so much. Though the track starts in a simplistic fashion, that one perfect synth line is an immediate cue that good things are coming. With that signature ambient sound and nice delay and reverb added to everything, it’s difficult not to feel more relaxed by this track. Relaxed, that is, until around 3:45 where we get into something a little more emotional and heavy. Think you guys will like this.

Also gonna throw the Arty remix in here, which is a little cleaner and more uplifting than the original. Both are really well done, so expect to hear them each played out plenty this summer.

So who really cares if an artist is “mainstream” or “commercialized?” It’s about the music, and this track certainly performs. Hit up comments with your thoughts!

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