Oct 18, 2014
Twitter Improves Listening With Audio Card

Twitter is taking a card from the SoundCloud playbook with the integration of their very own Audio Card app for iOS and Android.

Users of SoundCloud will be immediately familiar with the minimizable audio app that allows you to continue to browse while the song plays. Twitter is utilizing the same service and partnering with third party streaming services that will enable you to stream songs as you continue scrolling through your tweet stream.

The Twitter Audio Card also provides good news to artists who will be able to use the service for exclusive premieres on the platform. David Guetta has already taken advantage of the service by providing a link to a brand new remix from Robin Schulz of his latest single Dangerous.

Twitter also revealed that they’ve partnered with Apple to provide iTunes artists a place to share their music for direct purchase.

It appears that Twitter has been searching for a substantial claim in the music market since 2013 when they launched #music app. The app failed and was shut down six months later. Then in the spring of 2013, rumors began to swirl that the company was looking to purchase SoundCloud, but the plan never came to fruition.

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