May 17, 2011
Twice Nasty, Always Dirty
NastyNasty - Apologies
Salva - American Grime (NastyNasty Remix) [Made in Glitch]
NastyNasty - Dead Star

NastyNasty is a name that has been shaking the west coast scene with a magnitude usually reserved for Richter scale readings. NastyNasty is a Bay area purveyor of that spectacular laser-bass sound that I love so much. He’s been in the scene a while and can often be seen collaborating with other area artists such as Eprom, Comma, NiT GriT, and Epcot. His production has a stylistically unique sound to it–glitch hop as it should be. It’s hard to hear what NastyNasty can do and walk away unsatisfied–check out Laser Sword (Hardly Strictly). This mix was the first bit of content I ever heard bearing NastyNasty’s name. Needless to say, I was blown away.

Now, Nasty squared drops a new EP on us, Monsters, and it’s pretty true to form. Not only is it 100% grade-A super nasty(nasty!) glitch hop, but it’s actually an EP with predominantly good songs on it, which is something I can’t always say for artists. Given that, one song stood out to me more than all of the others, with a great sample, sweet bass, and sick hooks. Apologies alone makes this EP one worth getting your hands on. Another favorite NastyNasty production of mine is his remix of Salva’s American Grime that came on the EP of the same name. My last recommendation then, has to come off of NastyNasty’s last EP, Puke Paint. Dead Star is a good representation of just what NastyNasty’s flow is all about; it’s that grimy, laser-bassy, progressive greatness that is taking NastyNasty and his music to new heights!

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