Aug 22, 2012
Turning Cheese Into Chill
Robert Miles - Children (Eat More Cake Remix)

Everyone listened to Children by Robert Miles while growing up. The 1990s dance hit spawned a whole genre, the somewhat cheesy dream trance, and became an EDM anthem. Love it or hate it, the song was one of the first breakout EDM hits that featured a recognizable sound, and its success helped lay the groundwork for where we are today. Coming across a remix of the song, I’ll admit I was super skeptical. I expected some cliche, electro-style remix, but what we have here instead is so much more.

The remix is by London-based production group Eat More Cake, known for incorporating elements of dance, chill-out, and hip hop to create some pretty far out tracks. On their remix of Children, the signature piano sounds have been replaced with a guitar and the song feels less like a remix and more like a brand-new indie song. No longer a predictable 4/4 dance track, EMC has transformed the song into a slow, Balearic-style chill-out track, perfect for hanging out on the beach under the stars. With summer quickly drawing to a close, this is the perfect time to kick back with some friends and drift away to some good music.

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