Feb 26, 2012
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Zoo Brazil - Game Face (Original Mix) [Twin Turbo]
Zoo Brazil - New York (Original Mix) [Twin Turbo]

Matthew Biggs, aka Zoo Brazil, has been writing music since he was a wee lad of 11 years old. He’s dabbled in all kinds of genres–from trance to melodic house to straight up tech. His newest release on Twin Turbo marks an entry into the world of minimal house beats, while not straying too far from other forms of the genre.

Game Face is a progressively minimal track. Yes, I said progressively minimal. It has all the subtleties of a minimal track, but the steady rise and fall of the melody makes for an awesome progressive nuance. New York is an entirely different story. It’s got a very funky vibe to it, something you might expect from a Chris Lake track like Colours. The techy drop at the end is also a nice surprise. Although these might not be the dancefloor smashers you would hear on a normal night out, they definitely do the job for lovers of pure, unfiltered house music.

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