Nov 06, 2012
Tuck In With Tone Of Arc
Tone Of Arc - Goodbye Horses (Original Mix) [No.19]
Tone Of Arc - Shaking The Sky (Original Mix) [No.19]

Remember that infamous scene from Silence Of The Lambs? The one with Buffalo Bill’s, ahem, full frontal. And who can forget the eerie synth-pop of Q Lazzarus in the background? Goodbye Horses will forever be ingrained in pop culture memory, and now Tone Of Arc have taken it to the dance floor with a remake on Johnny White’s No.19 label.

Tone Of Arc is multi-talented producer Derrick Boyd and partner/vocalist Zoe Presnick, and together they’re perfecting that “ketamine disco” sound that No.19 has brought to the forefront of the underground. Just take a listen to their summer smash Shaking The Sky and you’ll know why Tone Of Arc is hot on the lips of so many in the deep house scene. Not to mention their live sets are garnering much acclaim, as Boyd and Presnick sing and play guitar, bass, and keys–a refreshing display of musicianship.

Keep an eye out for Tone Of Arc’s debut album in early 2013 and catch them at No.19’s label showcase at the BPM Festival. They’re giving away a free download of Fallow Your Heart as a bonus to readers as well. If you’re feeling creepy and nostalgic, check out the NWS video for Goodbye Horses below.

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