Dec 08, 2013
Tropkillaz Beg The ‘Dopeman Please’
Tropkillaz - Dopeman Please (Original Mix)

The Brazilian production duo known as Tropkillaz have recently cornered the market on dirty, tropical bass music, and it’s easy to see why. This week, DJ Zegon and Andre Laudz follow up their excellent single Morena with Dopeman Please, which answers the oft-asked question of what N.W.A. might’ve sounded like had they been straight outta São Paulo.

Dopeman Please is Tropkillaz’s flip of the N.W.A. classic Dopeman, which in turn lifts its wiggly melody from The Ohio Players’ goofy and timeless Funky Worm. It’s tough to compete with those old-school hits, but Tropkillaz’s take is a worthy addition to this funky lineage of dope grooves.

As with nearly all Tropkillaz productions, Dopeman Please is available as a free download in exchange for a “like” on Facebook.

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