Nov 28, 2013
Tritonal Gets ‘Metamorphic’ In New EP
Tritonal feat. Underdown - Follow Me Home (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
Tritonal feat. Phoebe Ryan - Now Or Never (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
Tritonal feat Skyler Stonestreet - Electric Glow (Original Mix) [Enhanced]

A year ago, I thought they were called “Tritional”. Boy, how things have changed. Fast-forward to present day, and the super-talented duo from Texas has me and a legion of fans in collective apoplexy thanks to their energetic weekly podcast Tritonia and a slew of amazing productions. Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros, formally known as Tritonal, have managed to create a fantastic hybrid of trance, progressive, and electro, and the world hasn’t stopped dancing since. Their newest release is the Metamorphic II EP, a follow-up to the massively successful Metamorphic I EP, out now on Enhanced Recordings.

The EP begins with Follow Me Home, a growling, crunching, peak-time bomb that combines Tritonal’s uplifting, vocally driven sound with a ruthless electro drop. Next up is Now Or Never, a radio-friendly jam focused around vocalist Phoebe Ryan’s awe-inspiring top line and an enthralling melody. Closing out the EP is Electric Glow, the track people are going to remember for a long while. Skyler Stonestreet’s heavenly vocals are beautiful beyond words, and they perfectly compliment the boys’ production to create, in my mind, one of the best big room tracks of year, period. I’m trying not to play this one to death, but it’s been tough so far. Grab the EP now on Beatport, and turn that volume dial north. In the words of some hotshot writer, “I’ve crash landed on #Tritonia and I’m never leaving!”

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