Dec 10, 2012
Trifonic’s Ninth Wave
Trifonic feat BRML - Life In Here (Original Mix)
Trifonic - Santa Rosa (Original Mix)
Trifonic feat BRML - Forget (Original Mix)

Brian Trifon and his brother Lawrence teamed up to form Trifonic in 2005 and released their debut album Emergency in 2008. Since then they have released several EPs as they further grow into their sound. We covered them last year when Quadcore was released on Anjunadeep, a memorable tune featuring progressive house kingpins Boom Jinx, Andrew Bayer, and Matt Lange. Clearly the Trifon boys have been catching the attention of the industry, and they are set to make a huge splash with their new album.

Ninth Wave takes the listener’s hand as it recounts a series of deeply emotional memories. With each reflective track, the Trifon brothers remind us of the complex extremities of human joy and pain. Staggeringly beautiful composition is combined with state-of-the-art engineering, reminiscent of Amon Tobin and others of his caliber. The album’s second track, Life In Here, is a downtempo beauty with vocals reminiscent of Above & Beyond’s Tri-State album. The combination of thundering drums, spacey piano, and atmospheric effects set the dark and dampened scene from which BRML struggles to find light. “Show me there’s life in here / Hold me when I have fear.” What an incredible piece of music.

Santa Rosa is a distraught contemplation told through guitar strings. Wailing guitar and suffering vocal samples eventually transform into courageous resolve before the track winds back down–perhaps a reminder that often we must summon courage more than once before developing the strength to face our most difficult challenges.

Most certain to be included in my personal top tracks of the year is Forget, which also features vocals from BRML. I expect, as you probably do, that this singer will appear on many more tracks in the Anjuna family and beyond. The lyrics are simple and resonate with anyone who has gone through a painful breakup. “Are we done / Is it a memory” is a thought we’ve all surely had. The track evolves and grows in strength throughout, a reminder that forgetting does grow easier by the powerfully healing nature of the passage of time.

Have yourself a full listen to the album on Soundcloud and follow the guys on Facebook. The album was released independently so it can use all the support it can get!

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