Aug 13, 2011
Tres Bass
Bart B More feat Drop The Lime - The Bass (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]
Bart B More feat AC Slater - Cry Baby (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]

What happens when not two, but three huge names collaborate on an EP? Well, you get The Bass. With Trouble & Bass heads AC Slater & Drop the Lime, plus none other than Bart B More, you’ve got a seriously electrostar-studded roster. I’m super amped cause we haven’t heard a thing from those two T&B guys for a long time–here’s to a triumphant (and bassy) return.

The eponymous title track marries retro sampling to that dirty, acid-washed bass so trademark of the NYC-based label. The song doesn’t really reveal its true colors, however, until about halfway when all the layers coalesce into jacked up harmony–the heaviness is almost too much at this point. The second track, Cry Baby, is really nothing but 100% Trouble & Bass. I can see Bart B More tweaking the bassline to his tastes, but otherwise the breakdown goes so funky that only the audacious Drop the Lime stands as a viable culprit. However, judging by the quality of this EP, nobody on this deadly trifecta failed to pull their own weight.

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