Oct 25, 2012
Traveling with Bluestone
Bluestone - Capetown (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]

It sometimes seems like a bit of a cliche to name trance tracks after locations (Janeiro? New York City? Amsterdam? Utrecht, even?), but UK producer Bluestone (pictured in triplicate) has turned out this lovely track called Capetown on Anjunabeats–and I’ve found myself so caught up in the quality of this production that I really can’t bring myself to be too snarky about the name.

Capetown walks the fine line between the kind of melodic productions that Anjunabeats used to monopolize in the trance world and the “trouse”-based hybrid sounds that have taken the entire trance scene by storm; and it does it well. A syncopated vocal sample echoes through the builds and the drop of the song; though this seems like a minor thing—you can’t throw a rock without hitting a vocal sample these days—the effect seems enormous. It offsets the potentially generic big-room trouse melody after the drop and morphs it into something more nuanced with a life of its own; coupled with the massive bassline and the solid layering, this track is something to be relished. Grab the release from Beatport.