May 29, 2011
Trash Is the New Talent
Gypsy & The Cat - Jona Vark (Tommy Trash Remix)
Tommy Trash & Sebastien Lintz - Voodoo Groove (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]

Tommy Trash is nothing short of talented. Hailing from Australia’s EDM scene, he’s known for his hype-a-delic styling of epic house music. He’s been around for a while, but don’t let that fool you, it hasn’t dulled his music in the least; it’s refined it, if anything. Now has given us a special piece of free EDM awesome to share with our wonderful readership–that’s you! That’s right; it’s a free download of Tommy Trash’s new remix of Gypsy & The Cat’s Jona Vark, so take your speakers outside and turn em’ up, cause today, we’re waking the neighbors, and if Tommy Trash has anything to say about it, they’re gonna be dancing!

If I had to compare Mr. Trash to someone, I’d probably have to point to someone like Laidback Luke, a personal favorite of mine, but I can’t smear either artist that way; artists of their skill level have their own sound, and just like Laidback Luke, Tommy Trash is no more describable. His mercurial style of house is what makes his music so epic. Go get your copy of this bangin’ promo remix of Gypsy & The Cat’s Jona Vark here, and if you dig that, check out another killer Trash tune with Sebastien Lintz, Voodoo Groove, to keep your buzz going!