Apr 21, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 94
Drill Drill - A_o (Original Mix)
Goshfather & Jinco x Sullivan King - Toro! (Original Mix)
OnlyOne - No Futur (Original Mix)
Boombox Cartel - Spaceless (Original Mix)
Veorro - Save Me (Original Mix)

“Coachella blues consumeth me once again! What can save me in my time of need?” I hear you cry. Well, theres only one way to sort out your problems: drink! Errrr, and of course some new trap music from this week’s Trap Tuesdays.

Drill Drill – A_o (Original Mix)
This isn’t the first time Drill Drill has been featured on TT, and I am sure it won’t be the last. A_o showcases the usual West Coast swag that the German duo brings whilst staying moderately chilled out.

Goshfather & Jinco x Sullivan King – Toro! (Original Mix)
With a intro that whispers dubstep, ultra-heavy dancehall/trap drops, and the daftest glam-metal breakdown, it’s fair to say that Toro! truly is a boundary-destroying summer anthem.
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OnlyOne – No Futur (Original Mix)
No Futur has real gentle vibes about it—perfect for chilling on a rooftop terrace in Madrid with a long island ice tea (which is what I’m doing right now mwahahahaha don’t be jel xoxo).
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Boombox Cartel – Spaceless (Original Mix)
Boombox Cartel’s influences in indie sub-genres combined with their ability to craft turnt up drops makes for something special. If you’re like me and are a massive fan of double-time trap drops and Flume-esque synths, then Spaceless is for you.
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Veorro – Save Me (Original Mix)
Veorro burst onto the scene for the first time this week with a torrent of uploads to their SoundCloud page. With clear influences from current artists such as Carmada and Slander, it’s apparent Veorro wont be going anywhere as long as trap shall live.