Mar 24, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 90
Chet Porter - Aluko River (Original Mix)
v a s s h - don't you see... (Original mix)
Kaskade x Adam K x Soha - 4AM (JayKode Remix)
Trapzillas - Smokin (Original Mix)
Prismo x M3H - Juiced (Original Mix)

Did somebody say RUN THE TRAAAAAP? ….no? Well they sure will, after they hear the latest dose of new trap music from this week’s episode of Trap Tuesdays!

Chet Porter – Aluko River (Original Mix)
Chet Porter pulls yet another phenomenal track out of his bag of tricks with Aluko River, which is sure to blow you away with its sensational chords and sound design. I recommend the entire Moving Castle showcase album if you like this, available as a free download here.

v a s s h – don’t you see… (Original Mix)
Vassh continues to develop his signature style of complex percussion and entrancing chords with his latest release, an incredibly atmospheric track showing off smooth bass and beautiful female vocals.
Free Download

Kaskade x Adam K x Soha – 4AM (JayKode Remix)
We all love Kaskade and we all love future bass, so what could be better than this? JayKode shares his own take on the Kaskade classic, bringing a brand-new vitality to the track.
Free Download

Trapzillas – Smokin (Original Mix)
California-based Trapzillas embody the very essence of gutter trap with this festival banger, fresh off their latest EP release, Bands. It doesn’t get more hood than this.
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Prismo x M3H – Juiced (Original Mix)
I can’t stop listening to this one! Prismo and M3H use gruff and gravelly bass sounds to craft one of the heaviest trap drops I’ve ever heard. Fans of Snails will like this one.
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