Mar 10, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 88
marshmello - Pr0 (Original Mix)
Banganagangbangers - Elevated (King Remix)
I.Y.F.F.E. - You Tell (Original Mix)
KAOS - Indigo (Original Mix)
babel feat. josh pan - Family Affair (Original Mix)

Happy Trap Tuesdays 88 to all! This week is packed full of new trap music, so there’s definitely something for everyone, whether you like future bass or bounce.

marshmello – Pr0 (Original Mix)
marshmello is here to kick off this week’s trap marathon. Although the identity of this newcomer is still a mystery, his music speaks for itself–his SoundCloud has gained 10,000 followers in just seven days! I was struggling to choose which of his tracks to feature, but the bounce breakdown in this tune stole my heart.
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Banganagangbangers – Elevated (King Remix)
You’re gonna need a hella good pair of speakers for this one, because it goes deep. Although the song features minimal production, the 808s and sub wubs will still have you bouncing–proof that less is more.
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I.Y.F.F.E. – You Tell (Original Mix)
An interesting genre clash of trap and complextro comes from I.Y.F.F.E. this week. Although a little busy at some points, this one will definitely get festival trap fans hyped up.
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KAOS – Indigo (Original Mix)
KAOS is someone who definitely has a bright future in future bass. Indigo features a killer swingin’ groove and hands down the best drop of the week.
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babel feat. josh pan – Family Affair (Original Mix)
The elusive josh pan strikes again, this time linking up with babel. While josh pan is rumoured to be no less than twenty different people, it’s clear that they know what they’re doing. The second half of the song brings old and new together where trap meets babel’s Outkast-style backing vocals.
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