Feb 17, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 85
NAPKN - LUNAR. (Original Mix)
Flosstradamus & TroyBoi - SOUNDCLASH (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Lazy Boyz - Falling (Original Mix)
DJ Swisha Sweet feat. Alfred English - Carbine (Original Mix)
Slander & NGHTMRE - Warning (Original Mix)

Greetings Traplings! This weeks Trap Tuesdays is packed with some out-of-this-world beats and the best new trap music, including cuts from Flosstradamus, Slander and NGHTMRE, and an epic debut from duo Lazy Boyz.

NAPKN – LUNAR. (Original Mix)
Easygoing yet laced with big room venom, NAPKN’s latest brings what sounds like a Gambino instrumental together with amazing sample work and intricate production.
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Flosstradamus & TroyBoi – SOUNDCLASH (Original Mix) [Ultra Music]
If you want something hard, you got it! TroyBoi is one of London’s most versatile trap producers, and he proves it in this huge collab. His unique compositions mingle beautifully with Floss’ massive sound to create some real trap sh*t.
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Lazy Boyz – Falling (Original Mix)
Lazy Boyz comprises of Party Thieves and Aaron Hewitt, two guys with a promising future if they can keep dropping tracks like this. Their debut is a banger, and the incredible second drop will leave you absolutely stunned. Don’t underestimate the new kids on the block, because they mean business.

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DJ Swisha Sweet feat. Alfred English – Carbine (Original Mix)
Prepare to be shot down by this hot new release from DJ Swisha Sweet. Relentless 808s power the song while Alfred English manifests the mood with his stirring vocal. Available for free on Swisha’s 1000 followers EP.
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Slander & NGHTMRE – Warning (Original Mix)
Is this Christmas? Slander and NGHTMRE have joined forces to tease their new EP, or rather, warn us of its nastiness with the lead single. They promise more details about the rest of the songs soon, but for now, have this as a free download!

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