Feb 03, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 83
Louis Futon - Take Off (Original Mix)
Snappy Jit feat. Jammin Joe - Hot Foot (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Tha Trickaz & Apashe - iDynamite (Original Mix) [Pantheon]
Dotcom - Harder (Original Mix)
Hitchhiker - Eleven (Hitchhiker Remix)

Trap Tuesdays returns with a vengeance! There’s something for everyone this week, whether you like future bass or festival bangers. Favorite of the week is from soon-to-be trap star Snappy Jit–you heard it here first! (On a side note, how much does Forrest Gump look like DJ Snake with those sunglasses on?)

Louis Futon – Take Off (Original Mix)
Louis Futon gets us into the swing of things with the first track off of his new self-titled EP. It showcases Futon’s beautiful sound design skills before dropping into an infectious beat that you can’t help but sway to.
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Snappy Jit feat. Jammin Joe – Hot Foot (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Hot Foot is a huge release (and breath of fresh air!) from Mad Decent newcomer Snappy Jit. His incomparable style implementing minimal instrumentation and signature call-and-response vocals runs through his entire new EP, so if you like this, pick it up for free.
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Tha Trickaz & Apashe – iDynamite (Original Mix) [Pantheon]
The latest single from masked marauders Tha Trickaz and the Canada based producer Apashe sure is explosive. The two super-energetic drops, infused with Apashe’s signature bass-meets-glitch sound, will blow you off your feet. Keep an eye on these guys.
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Dotcom – Harder (Original Mix)
WOO, EVEN MORE FREE STUFF! Dotcom drops yet another festival trap banger this week. Although a little generic, I can’t help but like its ultra-heavy drop. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.
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Hitchhiker – Eleven (Hitchhiker Remix)
The original mix was one of my favourite tracks from 2014, and now Hitchhiker has gone wild with his very own remix of his debut single, Eleven. This version cuts the sh*t and goes hard.