Dec 30, 2014
Trap Tuesdays 81
YOOK!E - Heater
OZZIE - IDNY [Veyron Arche]
AWE - Griffin (King Henry Remix)
Vanessa Elisha - Ocean (Kuren Flip)

Welcome back to Trap Tuesdays! Are you ready to turn up for New Year’s Eve? Get hyped with this week’s playlist, and be sure to also listen to the Jack U remix of 7/11 by Beyonce.

YOOK!E – Heater
The drum production in YOOK!E’s Heater is downright insane! This is beast is a must-have for bassheads everywhere.
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OZZIE – IDNY [Veyron Arche]
The UK trap scene is flourishing with talented artists such as OZZIE and HUCCI. If you’re looking for deep hitting tracks like IDNY with loads of sub-bass, then check out their new EP on Veyron Arche.
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AWE – Griffin (King Henry Remix)
Team Supreme always puts out tasty tunes, and this King Henry remix of Griffin by AWE is absolutely delicious.
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Vanessa Elisha – Ocean (Kuren Flip)
If you love sexy female vocals and chill beats, then the Kuren Flip of Ocean by Vanessa Elisa is really gonna hit the spot.
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BONUS VIDEO: When the thirst is real…