Nov 12, 2013
Trap Tuesdays 27
Liftance - Hold My Purse (Original Mix)
Five Suns - Monkey Bars (Original Mix)
Baauer - XTC (Original Mix)
DZI & GAWTBASS feat. Aurora Lotus - Still Burning (Original Mix)
HAERTS - Wings (Shlohmo Remix)

Twenty-seven weeks of head banging Trap Tuesdays, and we’re still going strong! Dig into these free downloads below.

Liftance – Hold My Purse (Original Mix)
Attention all ratchets: Liftance has delivered your new twerk anthem! The popping sounds and the “Hold My Purse” voice sample will make this a bona fide booty shaker.
Free Download Here

Five Suns – Monkey Bars (Original Mix)
This next one, Monkey Bars by Five Suns, is sure make the club go ape with its pitched-up monkey sounds and bass-heavy drops.
Free Download Here

Baauer – XTC (Original Mix)
Rather than uploading them to the internet, Baauer has instead been rewarding fans that come to his shows by throwing out USBs into the crowd with original Baauer tracks like XTC stored on them. It didn’t take long for them to be uploaded to the web, though.
Free Download Here

DZI & GAWTBASS feat. Aurora Lotus – Still Burning (Original Mix)
There aren’t a ton of original trap tunes with featured female vocalists. That’s why I’m grateful whenever I stumble upon chill songs like Still Burning by DZI, GAWTBASS, and the singer Aurora Lotus.
Free Download Here

HAERTS – Wings (Shlohmo Remix)
This version of Wings by Haert might just be my favorite Shlohmo remix of this year. I have probably listened to this incredibly deep and soothing track fifteen times already.
Free Download Here

BONUS: After Eminem dissed Afrojack with his “Who?” comments over the weekend at the MTV EMA’s, the Dutchman returned with the most boss response ever by recording this clip featuring Snoop Dogg on Instagram. I would love to know the name of the sick banger he’s dropping in this video.