Jul 30, 2013
Trap Tuesdays 12
UZ - Trap Shit V14 (Original Mix)
Mayhem & Antiserum - Pakistan (Original Mix)
Damn Kids - Oxxu (Original Mix)
Henrix & Jakob Liedholm feat Zashanell - Close Your Eyes (Flaxo Remix)
PennyBirdRabbit & Chrissa SJE - DumButton (TRVP Remix)

Snatch up all these free trap downloads in this week’s edition of Trap Tuesdays.

UZ – Trap Sh*t V14 (Original Mix)
We’ve been looking forward to new music from the masked trap crusader UZ, and this week, he hit us with a brand new, four-track EP on SoundCloud. It kicks off with Trap Sh*t V14, an unapologetic banger guaranteed to get the whole club twerking. Free Download Here

Mayhem & Antiserum – Pakistan (Original Mix)
Continuing the southern Asia theme established in their previous track, Bangladesh, Mayhem & Antiserum just came out with Pakistan, a slapping creation that samples 2 Chainz saying See I Done Had More Bombs Than Pakistan in Birthday Song. Free Download Here

Damn Kids – Oxxu (Original Mix)
Toronto’s Stéphane Deschênes, aka Damn Kids, just released his multi-genre Ussu EP for free online. The release includes Oxxu, a sick trap beast that appeals directly to your most primal animal instincts, pulling off a tribal vibe with deep-hitting bass and mood-setting vocal samples. Free Download Here

Henrix & Jakob Liedholm feat Zashanell – Close Your Eyes (Flaxo Remix)
Flaxo’s remix of Close Your Eyes by Henrix & Jacob Liedholm is sure to please. Its vocals are catchy, its drops are hard, and most of all, it explodes with a massive climax. Free Download Here

PennyBirdRabbit & Chrissa SJE – DumButton (TRVP Remix)
At first glance, this Chrissa SJE remix of PennyBirdRabbit’s pop-y, upbeat song DumButton might not catch your attention, but trust me when I say that it’s mad trill. I absolutely cannot resist the chops and edits he put on the vocals. Free Download Here