Sep 08, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 113
virtual nature - caves (Original Mix)
Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank feat. Delaney Jane - Shades Of Grey (damned flip)
Rusty Hook - Just A Lil Bit (Original Mix)
Genevieve - Colors (PLS&TY Remix)

Trap Tuesdays finds the best new trap tunes out there so you don’t have to! This week features original music from virtual nature and I.Y.F.F.E, and some cool trap flips courtesy of PLS&TY and more.

virtual nature – caves (Original Mix)
I don’t get it? Every song on Virtual Nature’s SoundCloud page is absolute fire, yet there’s more Javan Rhinos in the world than followers of this surreptitious producer.
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Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank feat. Delaney Jane – Shades Of Grey (damned flip)
The original deep house track was one of the biggest, most uplifting deep house tracks of 2015. But we’re here for the traaaaaaap! And this flip rocks.
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I.Y.F.F.E – DDOM (Don’t Die On Me) (Original Mix) [Audiophile Live]
Kicking things off with a dub feel and melancholic chords, you feel like you could maybe keep your side of the bargain… until the drop. A tenacious blend of big room and dubstep sounds take the floor and own the stage before a trappy breakdown eases you back into tranquility. It’s the builds that really create tension and make the song for me.
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Rusty Hook – Just A Lil Bit (Original Mix)
Always a sucker for this tempo–it’s so versatile! Rusty hook works a little more eastern magic on top of the vocals of 50 cent, and of course some of Rusty Hook’s signature writhing bass.
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Genevieve – Colors (PLS&TY Remix)
This song was CRYING out for this. The original was pretty good and all that, but for me it comes nowhere near the majesty of this future bass makeover.
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