Aug 25, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 111
isqa - //////////////sısʎlɐɹɐddǝǝls (aka Fellow Feeling Remix)
dabow - Ikigai (Original Mix)
Jupe - I.L.Y (Original Mix)
lonemoon feat. atura - i promise (Original Mix)
Noclip - End Of Time (Original Mix) [spirited.]

This Trap Tuesdays is packed full of really emotional stuff, rather by accident. isqa, Jupe, Noclip, and more have something for you, whether you’re angry, in love, or just a little randy, baby.

isqa – //////////////sısʎlɐɹɐddǝǝls (aka Fellow Feeling Remix)
If you’re anything like me, then Porter Robinson’s Worlds album will be one of the most sacred things in your life. Inspired by the dark and dangerous Shadient Remix of Fellow Feeling, Isqa refines the idea and makes it a little more listenable. 【̦̗͉̝̫̲͔=̳◈͍̘͚̹︿◈̖̙͎͡=҉͇̝̪】҉̩͎̱̺̖͔

dabow – Ikigai (Original Mix)
This isn’t the first or last time i’ll be reviewing dabow. His music continually impresses and scares me in equal measures. Ikigai is part of his brand new Meaning EP, which you can cop for free from his SoundCloud page.
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Jupe – I.L.Y (Original Mix)
Jupe has got it going on. At age 15 (yes, i struggle to believe it too…), he’s the youngest future bass producer I’ve come across and yet is right up there in terms of production and especially percussion. The second drop had me doing an office chair flamenco: it’s the new twerking.
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lonemoon feat. atura – i promise (Original Mix)
What incredible production on this, seriously just wow. Need i say more? On a side note, the track’s description has a link to a perplexing and somewhat unnerving website, can you find her?

Noclip – End Of Time (Original Mix)
It’s no secret that video games are a massive influence on Noclip’s music, but as more and more tracks are released, it’s clear he really does love video games. This particular track has a strong Yasunori Mitsuda semblance, and is possibly his most touching yet.
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