Jul 28, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 107
Leif Coffield - Die Answer (Original Mix)
Ginuwine - Pony (Rustie Rmx)
Sweet Teeth - Travel (Original Mix)
K1KO X IVARR - Warning (Original Mix)
Koyö - 2088 (Original Mix)

Trap Tuesdays showcases the best new trap music from all over the world. In this week’s edition, LessThan3 crosses the Atlantic to bring you bangers from fellow Scots Rustie and Leif Coffield, as well as tunes from Sweet Teeth, Koyö, and K1KO X IVARR.

Leif Coffield – Die Answer (Original Mix)
Young Scottish producer Leif Coffield switches up his usual style for a more future-fuelled hip hop vibe this week. His trap debut–featuring shimmering synths and intriguing drum patterns–is crying out for a catchy top line, whether it be rap or trance-style vocals.
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Ginuwine – Pony (Rustie Rmx)
Or second young Scottish producer of the week is here with a jocular jab at Ginuwine’s Pony. He claims it was rejected from Magic Mike XXL, but I like it, however obnoxious it may be.

Sweet Teeth – Travel (Original Mix)
Sweeth Teeth keeps it foreign this week as he plays about with ambient sounds and minimalistic beats. The tune switches all the way from a mutated version of M83’s interlude to an ethnic hoedown and back again with a healthy dose of swagger.
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K1KO X IVARR – Warning (Original Mix)
Warning is a bouncy new trap/deep house hybrid that is sure to find its way into the likes of a Jauz mix. The duo showcases expert sound design and a variety of bitchin’ drops that have me pressing repeat.
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Koyö – 2088 (Original Mix)
The future bass genre has revealed a new breed of percussion masters, and Koyö is one of those maestros. He mashes his talent together with mellow chords and amazing evolving sounds that draw the listener in.
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