Jun 16, 2015
Trap Tuesdays 101
Duwell - Venom (Original Mix)
Noer The Boy & Zero Tep - That One (Original Mix)
NOAHPLAUSE - Runnin' (Ray Volpe Remix)

It might be hard to beat last week’s milestone edition, but this week’s Trap Tuesdays certainly tries, celebrating some kickass trap that’s of course a little bit freaky. This week brings you new trap music from San Holo, Duwell, Ray Volpe, and more.

San Holo – Shrooms (Original Mix)
You might be sick of San being featured on Trap Tuesdays by now, but I can’t help it–he’s just that good! Shrooms, off his latest EP, shows a clear mood change from San’s usual work whilst maintaining the magic.
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Duwell – Venom (Original Mix)
Venom contains all the necessary ingredients for a party: tense builds, Knife Party-esque ‘woops,’ and heavy brass bass. I also adore the jazzy riffs at the end of this one.
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Dabow – 22pm (Original Mix)
Dabow fits in well with the trap and dubstep scene, and his choice and manipulation of samples stick out. Old-school hip hop influences are clearly at play here, especially while the song jumps from uplifting to sinister and back again.

Noer The Boy & Zero Tep – That One (Original Mix)
The tune is experimental but it had my head bobbing instantly. It was the first I’ve heard of these guys and it left me desperate to hear more–I followed them both within seconds of the first 808.
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NOAHPLAUSE – Runnin’ (Ray Volpe Remix)
I’m a sucker for a good vocal drop, and this one definitely delivers. It may come as a surprise but the best bit about this song for me is the moombah-flavored second breakdown. The deep, talking bass under the vocal in the first drop is also killer.
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