Jun 18, 2013
Trap Tuesdays 06
Kanye West - I'm In It (DMNDZ Remix)
Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - Get It Right (Original Mix)
Hucci - Cashmere (Original Mix)
JACKAL - Machine (Original Mix) [High Intensity]
AGLORY - Homonculus (Original Mix) [TrapDoor]

The international trap game is getting heated, and this week, European trap producers have really blown me away. Dive in to wicked tunes below!

Kanye West – I’m In It (DMNDZ Remix)
The leak of Kanye West’s new album Yeezus spread fast, and soon afterward, we saw some remixes emerge. One that really caught my attention is the DMNDZ remix of I’m In It. The Russian duo’s trap makeover is downright filthy and tailor-made for all the ratchets out there ready to get turnt up. Free Download Here

Yellow Claw & Yung Felix – Get It Right (Original Mix)
By far one of my favorite trap groups, Dutch trio Yellow Claw once again teamed up with their pal Yung Felix to make Get It Right. They’re always producing sick bangers, and this one lives up to their reputation for dancefloor destroyers. Free Download Here

Hucci – Cashmere (Original Mix)
Next up, we have Cashmere by the widely respected UK trap star Hucci. At just 17 years old, he’s been making absolutely outstanding jams, and this one is exceptionally smooth and soulful. Free Download Here

JACKAL – Machine (Original Mix) [High Intensity]
Also hailing from the UK, JACKAL from Portsmouth finally unleashed Machine on High Intensity Records. This beastly creation is dark, hard, and really brings out the primal instincts inside all of us. Purchase Here

AGLORY – Homonculus (Original Mix) [TrapDoor]
The French have entered in the trap game as well. Meet AGLORY, a duo from Paris who just put out their Les Règles Du Piège EP (translates to The Rules Of Trap) on TrapDoor Records. There are several dope tunes on the release, but my favorite has to be Homonculus for its trippy intro and crushing drops. Purchase Here