May 14, 2013
Trap Tuesdays 01
Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Brillz & Z-Trip Remix)
Gent & Jawns - COCO (Original Mix)
Victor Niglio - Elvis (Original Mix) [Indie Pop]
Hansel Thorn - Standing (Original Mix) [Head2Toes]
Ecliptual feat. Romy Harmony - Butterfly (Original Mix)

The trap game is growing more popular and more diverse by the week week. To help guide you all, I’m kicking off LessThan3’s new weekly Trap Tuesdays series where I share my favorite recent tracks.

Jay-Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Brillz & Z-Trip Remix)
First up we have the rising trap star Brillz and famous turntablist Z-Trip who teamed up to remix Jay-Z’s 2003 hit Dirt Off Your Shoulder. Earlier this year I nominated Brillz as one of our top up & coming producers and with this ruthless bootleg, he’s definitely continuing to live up to this accolade. It made its debut on the recent Trap Nation mixtape that you can download here.

Gent & Jawns – COCO (Original Mix)
Next up we have the latest by Gent & Jawns, COCO. Although it explodes wildly, it’s a touch more on the fun side and not quite as aggressive as a lot of trap can be. Get this banger here as a free download off their SoundCloud.

Victor Niglio – Elvis (Original Mix) [Indie Pop]
It’s not too often that you hear the King of Rock & Roll speaking over dance music, but Victor Niglio’s new track Elvis is a great example of how pull it off. The samples lead you in like a narrator just before it pulls a complete 180 and drops down to rock bottom. Purchase it here off Beatport.

Hansel Thorn – Standing (Original Mix) [Head2Toes]
Not all trap has to be in your face. Hansel Thorn’s latest tune Standing is laid back and full of wonderful melodies that blur genre lines quite a bit. This is an excellent demonstration of how beautifully chilled out can play out in the ever-evolving trap scene. Available right now on Beatport.

Ecliptual feat. RomyHarmony – Butterfly (Original Mix)
Butterfly by UK producer Ecliptual blends snappy strings and trancey breakdowns with tranquil trap stylings. RomyHarmony was an excellent choice here for vocals; her angelic voice blends well with the track’s overall rhythm. Download it here along with the rest of his EP for free of his SoundCloud.