Dec 21, 2011
Transatlantic Vibrations
VVV - Jade Mountain (Original Mix) [Fortified Audio]
VVV - Aisle Seat (Original Mix) [Fortified Audio]
VVV - Traverse (Original Mix) [Fortified Audio]

Across the Sea is a pretty apt title for the debut LP of a Texas producer released on Glaswegian label Fortified Audio. Hang on a second. VVV, a Texas producer, on the label that brought us Jamie Grind, xxxy and Loops Haunt? Although it may seem like an odd relationship on paper, the Austin native’s music actually has plenty in common with the current UK 2-step underground.

Opener Jade Mountain kicks things off with some supremely laid-back astral vocals coupled with gliding synths and about a metric ton of reverb. Aisle Seat ramps up the danceability, with VVV flexing his grey matter and cramming the same ingredients into a far more swingin’ package. The final track I’ve selected is Traverse, probably the funkiest thing on Across the Sea with its gurgling bass and complex vocal gymnastics. Packed full of the requisite soulful samples set to subterranean garage rhythms, Across the Sea stands its ground against the acclaimed imprint’s best output this year.

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