Jul 07, 2011
Audien - People Do Not Change (Audien & Shawn Mitiska Revamp) [Enhanced]
Ad Brown - Motion (Audien 'Unconscious' Remix) [Silk Royal]
Audien - Missing You (Original Mix)

After playing alongside Armin van Buuren and Zack Roth, young American phenom Audien has continued to make a name for himself. One of his most recent tracks, People Do Not Change, was revamped with the help of veteran Shawn Mitiska. It features some exquisite layers, vocal stutters, and a nostalgic, ’80s-inspired synth.

Most recently, Audien added a groovy touch to Ad Brown’s Motion; it was featured in Eco’s Sound of You(th) and touted by Proto. His remix leaves you thinking this is a typical techy house tune, but shortly into the break, the landscape metamorphosizes, lifting you with soaring arpeggios. To further showcase his dexterity and unmatched warm sound, check his FREE drum’n’bass tune, Missing You. Cheers!

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