Apr 05, 2012
Torn To Pieces With Antillas & Fiora
Antillas feat Fiora - Damaged (Main Mix) [Zouk]
Antillas feat Fiora - Damaged (The JS16 & Fiora Alien Abduction Mix) [Zouk]
Antillas feat Fiora - Damaged (Green & Falkner Remix) [Zouk]

Ever since I first stumbled upon Fiora (pictured) and her Moguai collaboration Oxygen, I knew I would see even bigger things to come from her. Recently she got together with Antillas to create another fiery track called Damaged. I find the rhythm in her voice simply irresistible. With loads of views on its official music video (see below), Damaged is also drawing quite a bit of attention to Armada’s house music sub-label Zouk Recordings. Armada head Armin van Buuren has already helped propel Zouk up the charts with his own release featuring Kirsty called Twilight.

Damaged also came out with a set of remixes, including a filthy electro version named The JS16 & Fiora Alien Abduction Mix. This track was quite a surprise with fidgety basslines and vocal chops complementing the trancier buildups perfectly. Antillas also brought his pals Green & Falkner on board. Their version takes the original’s big room fury to the next level with even harder hitting beats.

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