Jan 07, 2015
The Top 15 Future Bass Tracks Of 2014
When you think of bass music, the sound of glass-shattering beats typically comes to mind. However, there has been a major spin-off toward upbeat synths and playful melodies in recent times. This style sprang out of hip-hop/trap, and it became loosely referred to as future bass as time went on. While it’s still often debated which artists and tracks constitute future bass, the genre really took over the blogosphere this year and continues to evolve rapidly. Without further ado, here is LessThan3’s playlist for the Top 15 Future Bass Tracks Of 2014.
813 – Thank You
813 - Thank You [Mad Decent]

Thank You by Russian producer 813 is almost too cute for words, delighting your senses like a bag of candy for your ears. It kinda makes you feel like a kid again. Download it here on Beatport.

Louis Futon – Sir Rock
Louis Futon - Sir Rock

Louis Futon perfects both uplifting and soulful vibes in Sir Rock. The Philly-based producer absolutely nailed the playful xylophone melodies in this gentle and steady-going groove. Get it here on Bandcamp.

Mura Masa – Lotus Eater
Mura Masa - Lotus Eater

While future bass usually tends to be lighter on the drops, Lotus Eater by Mura Masa stands out with its aggressive attitude. This is sure to turn up any party with its catchy flutes, xylophone melodies, and enormous sub-bass frequencies. Download it here on Bandcamp.

Giraffage – Tell Me
Giraffage - Tell Me [Fool's Gold]

Giraffage has been fine-tuning his craft year after year; he loves to stay unpredictable. Tell Me from his No Reason EP is an excellent example of how he makes the ladies swoon. The sexy breakdown is sure to make any dancefloor explode, and the bizarre music video is true to his style. Get it here on Beatport.

Diplo + Edward Droste + Rostam – Long Way Home
Diplo, Edward Droste & Rostam - Long Way Home

Diplo has built up quite an empire, and he’s always cooking up new surprises in the studio. Everyone’s familiar with his Jack U bangers, but he can show a softer side too sometimes. One example is his co-production on the beautiful track Long Way Home with Edward Droste of Grizzly Bear and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend. The beats crafted by DJ Dahi and Diplo were originally used in Ty Dolla $ign’s Stand For. Apparently, Diplo wrote “it’s about time that indie rock acts started to co-opt rap beats" on SoundCloud before removing the description.

Trippy Turtle – Trippy’s Theme
Trippy Turtle - Trippy's Theme [Mad Decent]

The jersey club style sprung up in a huge way over 2014, and Trippy Turtle was a huge part of that underground sound. His soulful anthem Trippy’s Theme was a major intro for many people to the style, earning him quite a loyal following. Listening to this track is like standing under a waterfall of sexual vibes and temptation. It’s sure to have you saying “I’ll go turtle on that booty," and the music video is full of popular cartoon references. Grab it here on Beatport.

Nadus – Nxwxrk (RL Grime Edit)
Nadus - Nxwxrk (RL Grime Edit)

RL Grime bulldozed his way through 2014 with his outstanding VOID album, massive collaborations, and remixes like his version of Nxwxrk by Nadus. This edit packs loads of intense energy, soars high with a massive climax, and slaps down some of the meanest snare hits in the trap game. Free download here on SoundCloud.

Hermitude x Flume – Hyperparadise (GANZ Flip)
Hermitude & Flume - Hyperparadise (GANZ Flip) [Elefant Traks]

There are a lot of artists that attempt to remix Flume, but GANZ of the Netherlands has delivered some of the best results. He exploded onto the scene in 2014 with tracks like his gushing flip of Hyperparadise by Flume and Hermitude. The original version is pretty difficult to beat, but GANZ stayed true and applied his talents well to produce a masterpiece. Download it here on iTunes.

Lido feat. Muri – Lost (Stwo Remix)
Lido feat. Muri - Lost (Stwo Remix) [Pelican Fly]

The remixes that came out for Lido’s impressive I Love You EP were all huge, but Stwo’s version of Lost is a real jaw-dropper. The production quality will blow your mind away. Just put this smooth and sexy jam on and watch people on any dancefloor slowly begin to undress.

Ryan Hemsworth – Ryan Must Be Destroyed (Wave Racer Remix)
Ryan Hemsworth - Ryan Must Be Destroyed (Wave Racer Remix)

Wave Racer is an unstoppable force that dominated 2014 with many brilliant productions and remixes. It’s difficult to say which was the best, but his remix of Ryan Must Be Destroyed by Ryan Hemsworth really defined his signature sound, and pleased fans of old Nintendo games with its samples of Yoshi.

Vindata feat. Kenzie May – All I Really Need
Vindata feat. Kenzie May - All I Really Need [Symbols]

All I Really Need by Vindata and Kenzie May is one of those tracks that will never leave your head once you’ve had a taste of its delicious nectar. It elevated Vindata to prominence with its supremely catchy vocals, snappy snare hits, and rolling bass kicks. Download this sweet tune here on iTunes.

ODESZA feat. Zyra – Say My Name
ODESZA feat. Zyra - Say My Name [Counter]

ODESZA and Zyra’s enchanting track Say My Name blew up quickly with millions of listens on SoundCloud and YouTube. The track has a distinct charm to it; it really plucks all the right notes on your heartstrings. Rest assured, it’s been stuck on repeat for many new fans across the globe. Get it here on Beatport.

Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells
Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells [LuckyMe]

You always know a track by Cashmere Cat. The man is a musical genius, and has produced some of the most refreshing and interesting tracks to date. His Wedding Bells EP is more than a breath of fresh air; it reminds us of the limitless possibilities offered by electronic music composition. As long as there are enormously talented producers like Cashmere Cat, no one should be bored or saying “it all sounds the same." Watch the NSFW music video here, and download it here on Beatport.

Disclosure – Latch (Lido Remix)
Disclosure - Latch (Lido Remix)

Although Lido’s remix of Latch by Disclosure was only up for about a day before it was forcibly taken down, this act of censorship only helped blow the track up even bigger, i.e. the Streisand Effect. The original of Latch had already been remixed to death, but Lido took it in a radical new direction. It encapsulates musical perfection with every graceful note. From the moment this track was let loose, it was clear that Lido was going to be the #1 breakthrough artist for bass music of 2014.

Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)
Lorde - Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

Flume is arguably one of the chief pioneers of the future bass sound, and is well respected across the scene. His remix of Tennis Court by Lorde went mega viral ever since he debuted the massive anthem at Coachella. With over 18 million listens on SoundCloud and over 10 million on YouTube, it’s a wonder why this majestic track was never released.