Dec 25, 2014
The Top 15 Electro Tracks Of 2014
Electro was alive and well in 2014, blasting out intense basslines and complex synths through speakers around the world. The energetic and intense genre saw a number of huge releases, from a massive remix package for deadmau5 to originals from veteran producers Oliver and Dillon Francis. Before engaging in The Top 15 Electro Tracks of 2014, be sure to strap in and put on a helmet as these tracks are sure to get your body moving.
Nom De Strip vs Nezzo – Sushi of God
Nom De Strip vs Nezzo - Sushi Of God (Original Mix) [DOORN]

Electro is all about energy, and when veteran of the genre Nom De Strip teamed up with rising newcomer Nezzo this year, we got the insanely powerful Sushi Of God. Incorporating huge, bouncing electro synths with crisp percussion, this song is sure to scratch your electro itch. Grab the track on Beatport here.

Haezer & Black Tiger Sex Machine – MORE
Haezer & Black Tiger Sex Machine - MORE (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]

When you combine the bass-heavy sounds of South Africa’s Haezer (pictured, left) with the dark, experimental electro production of Canada’s Black Tiger Sex Machine, you get MORE–an intriguingly dark and in-your-face electro track. The bassline of the track, created by using a distorted vocoder sample, is the main driver in giving MORE its gloomy, robotic feeling and shows that when these producers come together, great things happen. Pick up the track on Beatport here.

Oliver – Fast Forward
Oliver - Fast Forward (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]

This past year was huge for the producer/DJ duo Oliver (comprised of Vaugn Oliver (pictured, left) and Oliver Goldstein). From producing Chromeo’s White Women and Duck Sauce’s debut album Quack to playing their own tour, the pair have had a very busy year. Somehow amongst all of this they’ve found the time to release their own two track EP titled Light Years Away, which includes the spacey, electro jam Fast Forward. With one of the funkiest guitar riffs we’ve heard in a long time and their top-notch production, it was a no-brainer to include Fast Forward in our chart. Grab the track on Beatport here.

Gregori Klosman, Albin Myers & Tristan Garner – Pressure
Gregori Klosman, Albin Myers & Tristan Garner - Pressure (Original Mix) [DOORN]

Parisians Gregori Klosman (pictured, bottom) and Tristan Garner (pictured, left) teamed up with Swede Albin Myers this year for the electrifying single Pressure. The energy is high throughout the track with repeating vocals during the first buildup that prepare listeners for the electro onslaught that is soon to follow. Showing off each of their gritty production styles, Pressure features a growling electro bassline mixed with high-pitched, stimulating synths. Pick up the track from Beatport here.

deadmau5 – Maths (Botnek Remix)
deadmau5 - Maths (Botnek Remix) [mau5trap]

In what can be considered one of the largest releases of the year, the always controversial Canadian deadmau5 released his 5 Years of mau5 album with remixes of many of his top tracks over the years by an extremely talented group of producers from all over the world. The Canadian production duo Botnek took on the task of remixing Maths from deadmau5’s 2012 album >album title goes here<, keeping the original’s iconic sound intact while adding a more intense, glitchy electro sound. Grab the download from Beatport here.

Dog Blood – Middle Finger, Pt. 2 (Alesia Remix)
Dog Blood - Middle Finger, Pt. 2 (Alesia Remix) [OWSLA]

While the Skrillex and Boys Noize collaboration Dog Blood didn’t have many releases this year, the duo did put out a massive remix package for their Middle Finger, Pt. 2 EP. One of the remixes included in the pack is the dark, industrial take on the title song Middle Finger, Pt. 2 by OWSLA Parisians Alesia. While the track starts out with a trap drop, things eventually take a turn for the electro side with pulsating drums and nightmarish synths. If dark electro is what you’re looking for, we suggest you look no further. The track is available for purchase on Beatport here.

Bixel Boys – Empire
Bixel Boys - Empire (Original Mix) [Sweat It Out]

2014 was a banner year for LA’s philanthropic duo Bixel Boys, from starting a craze with their #FREELIFE shirts to playing major festivals like EDC Vegas. The pair also released a slew of remixes, and their appropriately named first original EP of the year, the Empire EP. Bixel Boys set the tone for the second half of the year with their deep electro sounds and crisp production on the title track. The vibrating electro bassline is full of energy, and the buildups are so clean that it’s hard not to find yourself getting pumped up while listening to the track. Grab it from Beatport here.

Oliver – Light Years Away
Oliver - Light Years Away (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]

The title track of Oliver’s Light Years Away EP is the second Oliver track to make this year’s list, and for good reason. After being teased at festivals like Coachella by the likes of Dillon Francis, Oliver finally released Light Years Away in September of 2014 and it quickly became a festival favorite. Similar to the EP’s other track Fast Forward, Light Years Away takes listeners on a vibrant, electro space adventure. With robotic voices that bring back memories of Daft Punk’s Technologic, Oliver has created a futuristic track that is sure to please. Light Years Away is available for purchase on Beatport here.

Dillon Francis – Not Butter
Dillon Francis - Not Butter (Original Mix) [Columbia (Sony)]

Not may artists had a bigger year than the always silly and always interesting Dillon Francis. One of the major highlights of the year was the release of his long-awaited debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule. The album includes collaborations with everyone from Major Lazer to Martin Garrix, but where Dillon really shines is on his solo originals, especially the electro-infused Not Butter. Starting out with a minute-long buildup, Dillon delivers on the anticipation with a forceful bassline and a computerized voice interspersed throughout. It’s quite different from the other tracks on the album, which is one of the many reasons we like it so much. Grab the track on Beatport here.

Madeon – Cut the Kid
Madeon - Cut The Kid (Original Mix) [Free Download]

French wunderkind Madeon may not have had a whole lot of releases this past year, but when he put out new music, he made sure it counted. Such is the case with Cut The Kid, a dreamy electro jam filled with chopped up vocals, groovy guitar riffs, and the sublime melodies that Madeon has come to be known for. While fans wait for the release of his debut album in 2015, they can rest assured that Madeon still has the special touch that helped to propel him to such great heights. Head over to Madeon’s site to grab the free download.

Snails & heRobust – Pump This
Snails & heRobust - Pump This (Original Mix) [OWSLA]

When Snails (pictured, left) and heRobust came together earlier this year, good things were bound to happen. The two bass-heavy producers crafted one of this year’s most popular electro tracks–the unforgivingly menacing Pump This. The song features a sample from Adolph Dupree’s Yo DJ Pump This Party that’s been chopped up to help facilitate the chaos that is present throughout. The production quality on this track is second to none and has since helped to catapult Snails and heRobust directly into the limelight. Pick up the track on Beatport here.

Deorro – Five Hours
Deorro - Five Hours (Original Mix) [LE7ELS]

Deorro was one of the most popular producers of 2014, and it’s no surprise after hearing his single Five Hours. The Mexican producer combines an ethereal vocal sample with a beautiful melody to form a soothing yet upbeat electro track. Deorro takes a less conventional spin on the electro genre and gives us a track that is perfect for playing just about anywhere. Grab the track from Beatport here.

deadmau5 – Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix)
deadmau5 - Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix) [mau5trap]

We’ve already talked about deadmau5′ huge 5 Years of mau5 album, so it should come as no surprise that more than one of its tracks made this year’s list. The second track to pop up is Dillon Francis’ intense electro take on the supremely popular Some Chords. Dillon incorporates his flavor of high pitched synths and deep bass to alter the song enough to give it a feeling that is undoubtedly his while not straying too far away from deadmau5′ original concept. The track is available for purchase on Beatport here.

Knife Party – Resistance
Knife Party - Resistance (Original Mix) [Earstorm]

Much to the delight of bassheads around the world, Knife Party released their debut album Abandon Ship in 2014. Spanning several genres including dubstep and house, the album also features one of the biggest electro releases of the year–Resistance. As the first single released from the album, Resistance gave listeners a taste of what was to come with its epic buildups, hard and heavy synths, and that quintessential Knife Party bass. The duo set out to make a statement with their album, and Resistance certainly contributed heavily to that. Pick up Resistance on Beatport here.

Nero – Satisfy
Nero - Satisfy (Original Mix) [MTA]

While fans around the world eagerly await the release of British trio Nero’s second album, many will find themselves passing the time by repeatedly listening to the album’s lead single Satisfy, which was released earlier this year. From the second the track begins, it’s clear that what’s soon to follow is going to be epic, with beautiful vocals from Nero’s Alana Watson and a buildup that is sure to give you chills. Once things actually break down, the group’s signature style is clearly present, with a thumping bassline and complex electro synths. As with all of their previous releases, Satisfy has some of the cleanest production we’ve ever heard. Grab the track on Beatport here.