Jan 17, 2014
10 Most Awesome Things On Holy Ship!!!

At this point in the week, Holy Ship!!! attendees are just about fully recovered and are shedding a few tears as they reminisce over last weekend’s adventure. Some are questioning if the experience at HARD’s third annual electronic music cruise was only a dream, and everyone is already making plans for next year.

Setting sail from Miami, the ship spent two days stopping off at private islands in the Bahamas, allowing the party to resume in the sand. With music from 7 p.m. until 6 a.m. and continuing from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., there was little time for sleep, making power naps in the middle of the dance floor appropriate. The flawless lineup combined with the beautiful weather and people made for a legendary experience. Looking back on it, we bring you our top 10 most epic aspects of Holy Ship!!! 2014.


10. Setting Sail to Diplo

The ship is getting ready to leave the port, you’re surrounded by happy strangers, and Diplo is on the Main Stage getting ready to kick off what will become the best decision of your life. With a drink in your hand and a friend by your side, Sail Away comes on, and reality sinks in. What better way to set sail than with the handsome, twerk-worthy, energetic young Diplo and a couple thousand music enthusiasts?

9. Everything Skrillex

skrillex holy ship 2014

We dare you to hate on Sonny. The guy is a constant mind-blower and a ball full of energy. With the wind in his hair, a swiftly moving ship, and a main stage to tear apart, Skrillex threw down a vicious performance the first night that featured our favorite classics and lots of new bangers that we can’t wait to hear more of. The takeover doesn’t stop there. Skrillex and Emoh of What So Not surprised us when they went b2b in the Discoteque, filling in for Maceo Plex who unfortunately couldn’t make it aboard. Finally, Skrillex’s beach set was out of this world. The entire beach was moving, people were getting rowdier than they were before, even the artists who normally try to play it cool backstage were into it. We think we even saw Rukes bob his head. Mission accomplished.

8. Where did Tiesto come from?

Tiesto on Holy Ship

Surprise! Tiesto snuck on board. With question marks to fill in on the schedule for Thursday night’s lineup, everyone was taking bets on who the surprise guest would be, and fingers were crossed it wouldn’t be Paris Hilton. For those lucky enough to catch it, Tiesto played a huge house set with massive drops, meanwhile surrounded by just about every DJ on board. At one point, Zedd made it on Skrillex’s shoulders. The packed theater full of smiles was more alive during that hour than any other during the weekend. If you weren’t there to witness the massive conga line, it’s likely you won’t ever get another chance to.

7. Endless b2bs

b2b baauer rl grime holy ship

Baauer b2b RL Grime and Gina Turner b2b Laidback Luke were the only two publicly organized back-to-backs that occurred out of the endless b2b action on ship–the rest were spontaneous acts of friendship, drunkenness, and experimentation. The crowd and DJs loved it, so why not? This is one of the best things about Holy Ship!!! You never know when one of your favorite DJs is going to hop up and join in on the action.

6. Dillon Francis’ Main Stage Set


Equipped with a killer MC, Josh (J2K) of Flosstradamus, along with a spirited crowd donning cat shirts, Taco Bell flags, and DJ Hanzel and Dillon fatheads, Dillon Francis couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere for his Friday night performance on the Main Stage. He played a lot of his new material, but didn’t fail to play the classic favorites. DJ Hanzel even made an appearance for a few minutes. Every time you looked at the crowd, everyone seemed to be bouncing in unison and singing along together. The energy, the set, the crowd, and the atmosphere were out of this world.

5. Claude VonStroke

Let’s take a second to applaud our favorite person on ship, Claude VonStroke. He was everywhere. Whether it was his b2b set with just about everyone in the Discotheque, or his sudden interest in rap when he threw down at the Fool’s Gold Rap Party, he could be found at almost every set at some point. We’re questioning whether or not he has a twin or even a possible clone.

4. Pizza

Piazza del Doge

Every moment with every slice of that delicious, mouth-watering pizza was epic. Raise your hand if all you ate was pizza on board. We have both hands up. Ryan O’Connor, a fellow pizza lover on ship, had some feedback to give us in regards to this phenomenon.

“Estimated pizza consumption is around 25-30 slices. I probably ate a slice of pizza every couple hours. It only took about 5 total minutes to get from Main Stage to the cafeteria and back with pizza in hand.” There you have it. The pizza on board was diverse, easily accessible, and overall just bomb-ass. ”

3. Fool’s Gold Rap Party

A-Trak and his minions took over the theater for the last night of madness and quickly transformed the place into the most turnt party all weekend. Pharrell went b2b with Flosstradamus who went b2b with Diplo who went b2b with RL Grime, and the cycle continued. The motto for the evening was clearly a combination of YOLO and IDGAFOS. The night featured a massive stage dive from Dillon Francis and throwdowns from Brodinski, Baauer, RL Grime, Just Blaze, and Fool’s Gold owner, A-Trak. If you wanted to end your Holy Ship!!! experience in style, the Rap Party was the only place to be.

2. GRiZ Surprise Sax Cafeteria Takeover

Just as everyone is gathering to stuff their faces with food on the last night, GRiZ emerges playing his saxophone. Quickly gathering a crowd, this surprise appearance put a smile on a lot of faces as they filled their plates with their last meal on Ship. This was a very memorable and special moment as he got saxxy for the last time on board.

1. Shipfam

ship family holy 2014

The constant shipfam love shown on board was a beautiful thing to see, and not only does this love and special bond occur on board, but it also occurs throughout the year as everyone looks forward to the next adventure. It’s plain to see that the Ship unites people.

Until next year…

beach party