Apr 15, 2015
The Top 10 Most Expensive Festivals

Coachella ranks as the most expensive festival on Earth to attend according to a new report released by leading UK foreign exchange service, No.1 Currency. The report, which takes into account food, drink, and accommodation prices, placed the Indio, California festival above all others when ranked by cost per day.

While Goldenvoice’s Coachella ranked as most expensive at $276.82/day, ID&T’s Tomorrowland fest in Belgium was a close second, coming in at a hefty $275.00/day. Other notable festivals include the iconic UK festival Glastonbury, which came in at a distant third at $167.04/day, and Serbia’s Exit Festival which ranked #10 on the list at a measly $80.03/day.

When considering the raw ticket prices alone, the list changes very little with Coachella still coming in as most expensive, followed by Glastonbury and Tomorrowland.

Incidentally, beer drinkers will likely prefer Sonar in Spain, whose brews cost a meager $1.09–a far cry from Coachella’s $8.45 beers. However, some would argue it’s a small price to pay to see the 56 year-old Madonna french kiss an unsuspecting Drake on stage, Bieber get carried out of VIP in a headlock by security, and Kendall Jenner have Amber Rose booted from her cabana.

Check out the chart below which ranks the top ten festivals by cost per day from most expensive to least. Make sure to check out the bar graph below the chart which also ranks beer and food prices (in British pounds).

most expensive festivals