Sep 06, 2011
Tonight Tonight
Munchi - Esta Noche

Moombahton phenom Munchi is back with a fresh Dutchy-moombah banger, tastily served up with a side of disco/soul for your listening pleasure.

Munchi’s new track Esta Noche is a flavorful, exotic heater that drops you deep into a Dutch house paradise slowed down to 108, like a good moombahton track should. Not only is there a sweet vocal sample (courtesy of ’90s R&B star Montell Jordan’s biggest hit Get It On Tonight), the chorus synth is an unbeatable pitchbent patch that drives its quasi-melodic idea into your head, never to be let out again. Munchi’s groovy latin feel is prevalent in the track, with his signature heavy, low snare. You can’t help but dance to this track; It’s like soul food for the ears.

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