Oct 21, 2015
TomorrowWorld Issues 3-Day Refunds By Mistake

The muddy disaster that was this year’s TomorrowWorld may officially be over, but it looks like organizers still have a huge mess to clean up. In yet another nightmare scenario, the festival announced that they had accidentally issued a full three-day refund to attendees of the event.


Although the festival originally only promised a 1/3 refund after severely limiting the final day of festivities, some festivalgoers were inexplicably receiving full three-day refunds on their credit cards. Followers of the TomorrowWorld Facebook group began posting pictures of their refunds, and one user, Riyaz, revealed that he received a full refund even though he attended all three days.


Unfortunately for attendees of the Chattahoochee Hills-based festival, what was originally hypothesized as an altruistic surprise from festival organizers following a series of missteps turned out to be yet another mistake.

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