Jun 04, 2015
TomorrowWorld Brings $94 Million To Local Economy

TomorrowWorld has just unveiled the figures behind their 2014 outing in Atlanta, and the news is certainly good for the state of Georgia, as festivalgoers brought in a cool $94 million to the local economy.

TomorrowWorld first appeared in the Chattahoochee Hills in 2013, with 160,000 people descending on the site over the weekend and significantly boosting spending in the local economy. The research, conducted by ICF International on behalf of the festival organizers, also noted that spending by TomorrowWorld itself is also a significant source of income. In news that should keep city hall happy, the 2014 event drew in $4.7 million in taxes. Added to the income from the 2013 edition, Georgia has benefited to the tune of $173 million since Tomorrowland crossed the Atlantic.

It’s a welcome piece of news for the festival scene, and highlights the fact that festivals can be a force for good in local communities. If you want to join the crowds for the 2015 edition of TomorrowWorld, check out the Phase 1 headliners here, and grab your tickets here.