Oct 21, 2014
Tomorrowland Looking To India For Next Expansion

It seems Tomorrowland, quite possibly the world’s most renowned music festival, is reportedly making moves to open a festival in India.

According to Asian Age, the successes of Sunburn (pictured below), a Goan EDM festival, might have paved the way for Tomorrowland to come to town. The Indian news outlet cited an anonymous “industry source” that says the sights and sounds of Tomorrowland will be headed to India in 2015:

Sunburn India Festival

The live performances wing of Universal Music India will be bringing the feted Tomorrowland experience to India. India has emerged as a major EDM destination after Sunburn and it’s no surprise that there is international attention on the scene here. Universal is looking to expand its live music space in India and there can be nothing bigger than Tomorrowland to do it for them.

It is no secret that India is the biggest untapped EDM market in the world. In May, IMS’ 2014 Business Report exposed the highly under-penetrated Indian market. India’s festival capacity, or the total number of festival tickets offered annually, is just 300,000–not many for a country with a population of 225 million. In comparison, the US has a festival capacity of 1.4 million with a population of 45 million.

India’s Tourism Minister, Dilip Parulekar, says he was approached by festival organizers with a proposal for a January festival. However, it seems they have hit a roadblock as Parulekar detailed to Goacom:

The event organisers have approached us and have shown interest to host the event in mid of January but the responsibility for identification of land will have to be borne by the group since they require 3.5 lakh sq mts of land which is difficult to

As anyone who has been to a Tomorrowland festival will tell you, a large space for the festival’s grounds is a crucial part of the experience. In this case, organizers are struggling to find “3.5 lakh sq mts” of land, which translates to 350,000 square meters, or 86.5 acres. There’s still no word from Tomorrowland’s camp, but hopefully they can find a location and lock in the festival for this coming year.

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