Nov 07, 2013
Tommy Trash Says ‘You Know What? ‘Fuckwind”
Tommy Trash - Fuckwind (Original Mix)

Tommy Trash obviously hates wind, but when that stupid, no-good natural element ruined his EDC Las Vegas a while back, it crossed the line.

BOOM! Almost two years later (revenge takes time to simmer), Tommy Basura bites back with a slam track for those pesky pressurized air molecules, titled Fuckwind.

Inspired by a particularly windy EDC 2012, Tommy Trash’s Fuckwind whirls out of the gate with whoosh sounds, gentle breeze effects, and what sounds like a variation on an organ, which uses..? Anyone? Wind. That’s right. From there, Tommy unleashes his full rage with an elongated build and fierce eventual drop, during which we can almost see Tommy pile-driving a big cloud of wind into the asphalt… like a boss.

Grab this musical middle finger to the sky today for free on Mr. Trash’s SoundCloud, here.

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