Dec 09, 2013
Tommy Trash Is Getting ‘Hot In Herre’
Tiga vs Cubic Zirconia - Darko's Hot In Here (Tommy Trash Bootleg)

I am… gettin’ so hot… I wanna take my… Ahem, sorry… I couldn’t resist.

Aussie bad boy Tommy Trash is back with a smashing new bootleg and a huge thanks for all of his fans. The mashup? Only an amalgamation of Trash’s remix of Cubic Zirconia’s Darko and Tiga’s 2003 cover of Nelly’s Hot In Herre. Excited? You should be.

The bootleg is a textbook example of why we love Tommy–it’s gnarly, fun-loving, and a total monster on the big speakers. Tiga’s monotone vocals work perfectly with Tommy’s explosive style, leading to a great live experience that has crowds getting “trashed,” believe me. The best part? You can download it for free right here.

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