Apr 05, 2011
Tokyo Bliss pres. Kenji Sekiguchi
LessThan3 pres. Tokyo Bliss - Guest Mix 003 - Kenji Sekiguchi

Episode 002 of Tokyo Bliss was a scorcher, with an impressive mix of tunes by Kyohei Akagawa. And this week, despite the recent tragedy that struck Japan, Kenji Sekiguchi brings us a beautifully mixed set that is entirely comprised of tracks from his label, Otographic Music.

Showcasing a fantastic assortment of tracks, this episode will give you a good taste of the talent on our Japanese partner label. The mix of course is top notch, as we’ve come to expect from Kenji on his Otographic Arts episodes that he does together with Nhato. Speaking of Nhato, on this mix you’ll find the first track I ever heard from him, Tokyo Blue Pipe–the same one that made me instantly realize he was going to be someone to keep an eye on. Also included in this set is the label’s newest release, a brand spanking new remix by Kyohei Akagawa of KIWAMU’s Rest. After his last episode and now this remix, he’s definitely asserting himself in the prog house world.

So enough chat–hit play and start the journey! And don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and nab yourself a HQ version of the mix here (right click and “save as”).


(00:00) 01. KIWAMU – Birth
(07:00) 02. Hiroyuki ODA – Submarine (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
(12:56) 03. Tin5ha – NE.JI.MA.KI
(18:42) 04. Nhato – Tokyo Blue Pipe (Original Mix)
(23:18) 05. Hiroyuki ODA – Thirty (KIWAMU Remix)
(30:58) 06. Hiroyuki ODA – Sound of Waves
(36:34) 07. KaNa – Urulu (Original Mix)
(41:54) 08. KIWAMU – Rest (Kyohei Akagawa Remix)
(48:16) 09. Hiroyuki ODA – Amethyst (OCOT Remix)

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