Mar 25, 2012
Todd’s House
Todd Edwards - Echo Of The Past (Original Mix) [Body High]
Todd Edwards - Hold The Faith (Original Mix) [Body High]

Todd Edwards has been producing electronic dance music for longer than many of his contemporaries have been alive. For almost twenty years, the New Jersey native has produced dozens of house tracks across multiple record labels, countless remixes, and even co-produced 2004’s number one dance tune Face to Face with Daft Punk. Todd Edwards might not be a household name in the circles of progressive house, but his name is legendary in the east coast scene. Todd has even carved out quite a reputation as a producer of 2-step UK garage, albeit with his customary chopped up vocal editing. Mr. Edwards latest creation is an extended EP called Shall Go out on the Body High record label, and its rhythms are as funky as they are complex.

The tune Hold The Faith features an incredibly addictive vocal that’s been chopped and pitched to create a very unnatural, yet melodic rhythm. Most of the instrumentation on the tune isn’t synthetic, but the way the instruments are arranged within the composition is similar to today’s complextro. The bassline is a hyperactive, disco-style array of stabs that perfectly meshes with the other highly rhythmic elements of the tune. The next track, Echo Of The Past, grooves with similar vocal editing, but this track has a little more mid-range present in its bass, giving it a bouncier, 808 feel. Like Hold The Faith, Echo Of The Past has a disco-funk vibe, which gives the tune a Chicago-style house essence.

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