Dec 16, 2010
Dave Schiemann - Toddler (Original Mix) [High Contrast]

Techy tracks have always been among the tracks I enjoy the most, mainly because the short note span that is normally present in tech-influenced tracks makes it easier to create more intricate, musically interesting melody. It seems that techy sounds are all the rage these days, and are even making their way into progressive house tracks like Fracture and King Of My Castle. Tech influences are becoming so prevalent in more progressive tracks these days that I think a new genre called “tech prog” may be in order.

My vote for best “tech prog” track I’ve heard this year? That would have to go to Toddler by Polish up-and-comer Dave Schiemann. I first heard this track when Eco dropped it in a set he did Friday night in Queens, NY, which I attended with Proto. I then ran into this track again the next day when I heard Eco’s set from his Thanksgiving show in Pittsburgh, which you can hear on his newest podcast episode. I got so excited when I first heard the track that I immediately ran out onto the dancefloor, and for good reason. The compositional qualities of this track literally draw you in to a sea of sound that only gets more interesting once the track drops and slightly changes the melody that it had been building upon–an excellent production technique to keep things interesting. Producers take note–you can learn a thing or two from Dave Schiemann.

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