Jan 14, 2014
Todd Terry Is ‘Feeling Punk’
Todd Terry - Feeling Punk (Tee's Original Mix) [InHouse]

When it comes to veterans of the scene, it doesn’t get much more old school than Todd Terry. The guy has been around since before house was even a thing, partly because he was one of the guys who invented in the first place. Over 25 years later, he’s still going strong as shown by his latest track, Feeling Punk.

It’s exactly what made house big in the first place. It’s based on simple, mashed-up beats straight from an SP1200–a legend in its own right–with some basic acid house synth lines and a few samples, most notably a vocal snippet of Ce Ce Peniston’s 1991 classic Finally. The resulting air of familiarity combined with the classic-yet-polished house sound is bound to make this a hit.

Feeling Punk is old-meets-new in a very satisfying way and it’s out now on Terry’s own InHouse label.

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