Aug 25, 2013
To The Stars With Something Good
Something Good - Stars (Original Mix) [Nocturnal Groove]
Something Good & CAPS - Brand New Day (Original Mix) [Nocturnal Groove]
Something Good - Just The Way (Original Mix) [Nocturnal Groove]

The boys from Helsinki which we call Something Good are aiming high with their latest EP Stars on Nocturnal Groove. Not one, not three, but a total of five stunning tracks have headed into the cybersphere this week from this duo. Following numerous singles on the Nocturnal Groove imprint, this is the largest collection of original material dropped by them at one time. Unsurprisingly, every track bundled here is distinct and delightful in its own way.

The title track clocks in at 115 BPM and is an airy, tropical composition featuring enchanting vocals. The slower tempo sets the mood for the EP before ramping up with Brand New Day featuring CAPS. This track is reminiscent of Something Good’s older, more progressive sound and fits perfectly with the vocals. Just The Way slows down a bit again but delivers some poignant piano hits that hammer the melody home. Also included on the EP are Tales From The Sun & California Wonderland which are funky, bass-filled additions that round off the release nicely. Snatch Stars up today on Beatport.

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