Apr 19, 2012
To The Brink With Figure
Figure - The Brink (Original Mix)
Figure - Mission Of Destruction (Original Mix)

So you like filthy, robotic dubstep you say? Look no further than Figure. The enigmatic producer just put out a brand new single on his SoundCloud account for free! The Brink is the nastiest thing you could ask for in today’s fast-paced dubstep world, and it’s sure to be coming to a rave near you!

The Brink sounds a bit like a Skrillex production, yet remains remarkably unique at the same time. It’s got the same kind of drops and nasty sound filth, but the robotics make it unique. If I were Skrillex, I would be sure to drop this one in my set! There are also some other great tunes on this guy’s SoundCloud that are up for grabs. Take Mission Of Destruction, for instance. It’s part electro house, part dubstep, and all banger. There’s so much going on here that it’s almost hard to decide how to dance to it. My suggestion? Fist-pump combined with double lariats with your eyes closed. Yeah, that seems appropriate. Be sure to check out our interview with Figure at last year’s DEMF!

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