Jul 27, 2012
TNGHT - Goooo (Original Mix) [Warp]
TNGHT - Bugg'n (Original Mix) [Warp]
TNGHT - Easy Easy (Original) [Warp]

The long awaited first release of TNGHT, a collaboration between rising EDM stars Lunice and Hudson Mohawke finally made its way into my iTunes this week, proving that there’s a ton of space for creativity in this emerging trap genre.

The self-titled release covers an array of sounds, ranging from ’90s samples to 8-bit influences, both of which generally fall into the lighter side of things. In TNGHT’s case, particularly because of the drums, everything they produce is serious club-shaking shit. Goooo is hypnotic and bombastic, exemplifying some of the bigger drums showcased on the release. There’s something about the last twenty seconds of sub-bass in this track that brings me pure bliss. Bugg’n is probably my favorite tune on the release, managing to get eerily industrial while still utilizing a lot of current trap fads. Not necessarily the type of music you expect to hear when going out to a club, but definitely not the type of music you’d complain about when witnessing live. Last up is Easy Easy, a track that I assume grabs samples from the latest Rayman soundtrack (which if you’re familiar with, you know is amazing) and turns them into some city-stomping carnage.

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