Jul 24, 2013
TJR Tells The Suckaz What’s Up
TJR - What's Up Suckaz (Original Mix) [Rising]

Self-described purveyor of “funky, bouncy, booty” music, TJ Rozdilsky, aka TJR, is back. Riding high on the success of his massive stadium-sized hit Ode to Oi and a platinum plaque with rapper Pitbull, TJR has just dropped a new original on Chris Lake’s Rising label, titled What’s Up Suckaz.

What’s Up Suckaz is classic TJR–groovy, fun-loving, and absolute fire on the dancefloor. I caught up with TJR at last month’s Digital Dreams Fest, and I asked him about the creative process behind the track. “[I]t was a mix of a few projects. That’s usually how I make a track; it’s like Frankenstein. three different tracks picked apart and merged together.” To TJ, the biggest difference between a hit and a flop is the mixdowns. “I hear a lot of great ideas but often the tracks lack punch or proper dynamics that would make it sound great in the clubs. I think a lot of young producers have this misconception that mastering is the secret, but I feel it’s the mixdown.” Based off the crisp sounds of this banger, I’m inclined to agree with him. Head over to Beatport and grab What’s Up Suckaz now.

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